Anabolic Steroids History -

A Look Into The Past

Anabolic Steroids are drug and hormonal substances, which imitate the male hormone testosterone. It is used worldwide today for medicinal purpose where it is prescribed for patients suffering from muscle mass wastage. Anabolic steroids when used in such cases, give patients the strength to continue with their day to day activities. For its steroidal purpose, anabolic steroids are renown amongst athletes and bodybuilding professionals for its ability to improve diet and for synthesizing muscle mass in the body. It enables professionals to work harder and recover faster from vigorous exercises.

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More than a 100 kinds of anabolic steroids are developed, but just a few are approved for use in humans. Each one of these are approved for medical purpose requiring a pharmacist to sell it on strictly prescription basis. Even though strict rules have been made for its use, many of these substances are smuggled commonly, illegally bought from pharmacies, or made in secret labs.

History of anabolic steroids can be traced back to old Greece where it was used by professional athletes to gain an edge in their games. Athletes used anabolic steroids to enhance their performance as a result of the anabolic and androgenic growth effects that these substances produce. Anabolic steroids were first discovered by German scientists in early 1930s, that too accidentally. At that time, not many showed any interest in its research and it kind of fizzled off. After around two decades, in 1950s, Dianabol (methandrostenolone) got approval by FDA and thereon anabolic steroids got serious attention of scientists. Even after that the doubts of its effects remained whether it is of actual use or not. It was in late 90s that the dramatic effects of using anabolic steroids were noticed when NIH (Institutes of Health) examined how it worked by injecting the substance testosterone enanthate for 10 weeks at 600 mg per week. The results were very clear that it indeed gives a boost in the production of testosterone.

Anabolic steroids were initially developed to aid men who could not naturally produce enough testosterone hormones themselves. These steroids would help them produce more testosterone so they would not have to suffer developmentally, growth wise and sexually. Thereon, it was used in World War II for malnourished soldiers so that they can recover faster and improve their performance. After that athletes started to use it to improve their performances. Wrestlers began to use it to enhance their bodies and getting more muscle mass and an improved diet. This is where steroids made its entry in the Olympics where it became increasingly popular. In 1970’s use of anabolic steroids was banned by International Olympic Committee in the Olympic competition.

This is when United States Congress has to approve ASCA (Anabolic Steroid Control Act) of 1990, and consequently these anabolic steroids were placed in the Schedule III of CSA (Controlled Substances Act). Furthermore, the CSA was to additionally amend this act in 2005 when anabolic steroids as well as pro-hormones were to be included as controlled substances.

These substances do not come without adverse effects. Where they have dramatic results, they are accompanied by quite a few side effects. Side effects on men include gynomastia (development of breast tissues in men), shrinking of testicles and hindrance in the natural production of testosterone etc. Side effects in women include virilization meaning development of secondary sexual characteristics like a deep voice, facial hair and increase in overall hair growth as well as enlargement of clitoris. Generic side effects include nausea, bloating, hair loss, acne, oily skin, changes in sex drive. Prolonged usage may cause high blood pressure problems and even death.